Humans of WSU Libraries: Spring Break Edition

Similar to the “Humans of New York” photoblog series, where New Yorkers are interviewed and photographed, WSU students are interviewed about themselves and their experiences at WSU. In this edition, Browse intern Elyse Donley spoke with students about their spring break plans and their time at WSU Libraries. 

Ellie Iribarne

From Petaluma, California, Ellie Iribarne is a senior majoring in English and creative writing.

Iribarne wanted to move away from California to experience a school in a region with all four seasons. WSU was the perfect fit. 

“I loved how inviting the campus was when I visited,” she said. “They also have a great English department here.”

Iribarne said she always had a keen interest for the WSU Libraries and what could be discovered among the shelves. Her interest in writing and love for historical fiction inspired the idea of seeking out books that haven’t been checked out from the libraries in years.

Her most recent find was “Answered Prayers” by Truman Capote. 

“I think it’s cool. The last one I found hadn’t been checked out since 1987,” she said. “Some of them are first editions, so it’s like you’re holding a little piece of history.”

The English department suits Iribarne. Her professors have helped her find many different job opportunities, and she is receiving a certificate in editing and publishing. 

Iribarne plans to head back home to Petaluma for spring break.

“I’m looking most forward to warmer weather and seeing my parents and sister. I also can’t wait to drive my car,” she said. 

Iribarne plans to start a career in New York City doing editing, publishing, and copyediting. 

Ben Adleman

Freshman Ben Adleman of Minneapolis, Minnesota is majoring in psychology and minoring in marketing. 

Adleman heard of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and decided WSU was the school for him.

“When I was applying for colleges, I was looking for a smaller, close-knit university, and this fit the bill,” he said. 

The WSU Libraries have become an essential part of Adleman’s routine; you can find him at Owen or Terrell Library almost every day. 

“I like to book out the study rooms in Terrell Library. I spend at least two or three hours there twice a week,” he said. “Every Tuesday and Thursday, I come to [Owen] Library.” \

Although it is only Adleman’s first year, he’s already become a vital community member. He is the unofficial president of a book club he runs with his friends, plans to revitalize the Brazilian jiu-jitsu club, and is part of the on-campus Jewish group. When he is not participating in campus activities, he has a book in hand. 

“I’ve got two books on me right now. I mostly read philosophy books. I got [to WSU] with about eight books. Now I have 27,” he said. 

Adleman will visit his uncle in Colorado for spring break, where he will hit the mountains, go hiking, and hopefully see a few museums. 

Katie Aydelott

From Bothell, Washington, senior Katie Aydelott is majoring in social sciences. 

All things pointed towards Aydelott attending WSU.

“Well, my dad went to WSU, I got a scholarship to WSU, and I wanted to stay in state but be far enough away and close enough to home,” she said. 

Aydelott is an active Greek Life member and a student assistant for the College of Arts and Sciences, working with donors and social media. 

The WSU Libraries allowed Aydelott to stay on track with her studies over the past four years.

“I like going to the library because it allows me to stay focused. When I’m there, all distractions are eliminated. Just being in a quiet environment with other students studying around me really motivates me,” she said.

Reflecting on her upcoming graduation this spring, Aydelott expressed gratitude for the opportunities she found and the connections she’s made during her past four years.

Aydelott plans to go to Nashville for her spring break trip. She’s looking forward to trying new foods and listening to live music.