WSU Libraries’ Senior Student Workers Reflect on Their Journey and Future Paths

As graduation approaches for WSU seniors, we’re taking a closer look at the WSU Libraries’ senior student workers and their experiences working in the libraries. These seniors have dedicated themselves to various departments, gaining invaluable skills and insights that will play a crucial role in their professional careers. Join Browse intern Elyse Donley as she explores their time spent in the libraries, the skills they’ve developed, and how these experiences will serve them after graduation. 

Breena Bernardo

From Graham, Washington, Breena Bernardo is double majoring in biology and psychology. 

Bernardo began working at the WSU Libraries her sophomore year in Terrell Access Services. 

“I got really lucky. I worked for the library in high school. My mom worked for a medical library, and I just thought it was cool, and I loved reading,” she said. 

Bernardo works as a staff assistant, overseeing two clerical assistants. She is the go-to person when her students have questions or need help. 

“When you first get hired, you are paging, shelving, and mailing books,” she said. “Then you can get promoted to be a staff assistant.” 

What stood out the most to Bernardo was her job’s flexibility, accommodating her demanding hours as a double major. Beyond the practical skills she’s gained, she enjoyed the interactions with the range of students—graduate, undergraduate, and staff. As she prepares for medical school, she reflects on her ability to connect with diverse groups of people, a skill she knows will serve her in her future career. 

Kelly Wieber

From Green Acres, Washington, Kelly Wieber is majoring in crisis and risk communication.

Wieber’s journey to WSU was sparked by her interest in communication and library work. After discovering her inclination for public speaking at Spokane Community College, Wieber decided to pursue a degree at WSU, following in the footsteps of her family members with ties to Pullman. 

Wieber discovered the WSU Libraries’ Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC) when she arrived and was offered an internship.

“I kind of do a bit of everything,” she said. “I learned how to process collections, digitize, complete research requests, and I’ve taken over the Facebook page.”

Wieber said she is excited to go into MASC every day. Her passion for librarianship makes each day a new experience. 

“[MASC] opened up a world for me,” she said. “Being able to talk firsthand with all the archivists here and the staff is amazing. They are open with their experience and their librarianship.”

Wieber plans to pursue a career in librarianship in Montana after graduation and in time receive her master’s degree. She said she is excited to continue her journey in the world of archives and libraries. 

Crisa Guyangco

From Los Angeles, Crisa Guyangco is double majoring in business management, with a focus on innovation and change, and marketing. 

Guyangco found WSU to be the perfect fit. WSU had the hometown feel, and cherry blossoms in the spring, which she loves. 

Guyangco came across an opportunity to work at the WSU Libraries her junior year as a reference assistant. 

“I wanted to look for a job to gain experience with customer service and leadership skills to help me better my resume,” she said. 

As a reference assistant, she organizes books and catalogs, works with the annual Crimson Reads celebration of WSU authors, and helps patrons with finding books for research. 

Guyangco said this job allowed her to develop new skills personally and professionally. 

“Being able to communicate with real people really helped me. I was more introverted in high school, and this made me step out of my comfort zone. I was able to connect,” she said. 

Guyangco plans to move to California or Florida to pursue a career in retail management or the corporate world. 

Tess Harbert

From Denver, Tess Harbert is receiving a dual degree in psychology and criminal justice. 

Harbert chose WSU because she wanted to go out of state and try something new. She liked WSU because of the community and its honors college. 

Harbert started working in the WSU Libraries in her sophomore year as a clerical assistant. She applied to almost every library position, knowing she would fit well anywhere in the library environment. 

“My mom works in a library, so I grew up volunteering at the library and always being there,” she said. “I knew it was a good place to work, especially as a college student. I’ve been here ever since, and I love it.”

As a clerical assistant, Harbert handled tasks such as circulation desk duties and book organization. She’s since been promoted to a staff assistant, where she oversees students in her previous role. 

“I feel like this job helped me a lot with school and being able to navigate the library,” she said. “The other staff and students are very welcoming and understanding of everything. I always love coming into work.”

Harbert plans to pursue a master’s degree in criminal justice at Seattle University, building upon the skills and experiences gained during her time at WSU. 

Clancy Andrews

From Okanogan, Washington, Clancy Andrews is receiving a dual degree in data analytics, with a minor in computer science, and applied mathematics. 

Andrews’ journey at WSU was driven by a passion for learning something new and continuing his family’s WSU legacy. 

Andrews has worked in the WSU Libraries’ systems department since 2022 and enjoys everything the position has taught him. 

As a technical assistant, Andrews ensures all computers in Terrell, Holland, and Owen libraries  are working properly. 

“[My supervisors] are willing to teach me different things that are new and that I might not be able to learn from my degree. So this job helps me get a well-rounded experience in terms of technology,” he said.

Through this role, Andrewshas gained a deeper understanding of computer hardware and the importance of software updates, invaluable skills he says will serve him in his career. 

As he continues his job search, Andrews plans to continue working in the systems department until September.