Humans of WSU Libraries

Similar to the “Humans of New York” photoblog series where New Yorkers are interviewed and photographed, WSU students are interviewed about themselves and their experience at WSU.

Mike Haz Diaz is a senior majoring in psychology from Federal Way, Wash. 

When Haz Diaz first started touring college campuses, he visited WSU and fell in love. So far, his most memorable experience at WSU was meeting Butch T. Cougar during a soccer game. 

Haz Diaz is committed to getting all As for the remainder of his senior year with his ability to be an incredibly fast learner.

“When I learn something new, I have the ability to catch onto it almost instantly,” he said.  

Haz Diaz’s desire to excel goes hand in hand with the library’s diligent environment. 

“I like to sit in the booths when I go to study at the library. I love to look out at the view too, it is always so pretty,” he said.

Haz Diaz is looking into various graduate school programs to continue his education in psychology. 

Harold Lee is a senior from Seattle majoring in management information systems. 

Lee decided to attend WSU because of its closeness to Seattle, while being just far enough away.

While at WSU, Lee has created some of his favorite memories from his extracurriculars on campus, which have opened up a new facet of university life that he can’t find in his classes. 

Academically, Lee dedicates his time to studying at his favorite spot in the Terrell Library atrium; being around other students studying motivates him to do the same. 

“I am typically in the library almost every day of the school week. The best part about it is it gets me in the mood for studying, unlike when I am at home. I even tend to come because I just want to relax here,” said Lee. 

After graduation this December, Lee plans to return to the greater Seattle area and pursue a career in data analytics. 

Nadine Allen is a sophomore majoring in wildlife ecology and conservation sciences, focusing on a pre-vet pathway. She is from Granite Falls, Wash.

Allen has always had a passion for working with animals. Considering WSU’s well-rounded veterinary program, attending WSU was an easy decision.

Allen recently began studying at the library and has found it to be her new favorite study spot on campus. 

“I like how quiet it is. I need quiet. It’s not too packed [in Terrell]. I can always find my own space. I usually just go wherever there is empty space, but my favorite is the main table area because there is always room,” she said. 

Allen is looking forward to starting her new classes next semester so she can focus more on wildlife and ecology as she completes her sophomore year.

She plans to apply to veterinary school after graduation and is interested in becoming a veterinary technician.