Maximizing Community Impact

 As the school year comes to an end, it’s important to look back on the events WSU Libraries put on that value students’ inspiration.

WSU Libraries encourage students in their pursuit of knowledge, whether that applies to future career paths, solutions to obstacles, or just everyday life. Students are given tools to fuel their creative needs, such as access to thousands of books on subjects of all types, a podcast recording booth, digital archives, and physical special collections.

In recent years, libraries have been challenged to change. The atmosphere of libraries is changing, and Cougars are up for the challenge.

The libraries foster student curiosity by creating an environment that encourages students to always be learning and broadening their knowledge with a variety of events to partake in.

WSU Libraries has been making strides to broaden its outreach to the student body. Catering to student needs is a top priority.

WSU Libraries are a bustling hub where students from all majors can find the resources they need to excel. The libraries offer access to an extensive collection of materials and provide a variety of study areas to accommodate students’ preferences, whether that is remote learning with an extensive search library, or diving into the archives stored deep in the library.

Recently, student reference assistants have created displays showcasing their interests.

For instance, Crisa Guyangco and Abigail Hillis curated a Terrell Library display of young adult books from the Owen Science and Engineering Library collection to encourage students and staff to explore literature outside their usual field. Hillis emphasized the importance of breaking down preconceived notions surrounding YA books.

“You shouldn’t limit yourself just because a book is labeled YA,” she said.

In addition to displays, WSU Libraries hosted a variety of events to engage with the community. A Ukrainian poetry event on April 6 included readings from Lost Horse Press publisher Christine Lysnewycz Holbert and others, examples of traditional Ukrainian clothing, and a performance of the Ukrainian national anthem during National Poetry Month.

Another event on March 28, Crimson Reads, explored the process and experience of early professional scholarship with a panel of speakers from across different disciplines.

WSU Libraries even brought in a furry friend on March 1 to help students de-stress during finals week. President and Dr. Schulz’s corgi, Cayenne, made an appearance in the Terrell Library atrium, providing students with an adorable distraction.

For CougsGive 2023, WSU Libraries wanted to thank participating loyal Cougars by hosting an Instagram giveaway. The prizes included a Crybaby gift card to fuel students with all the caffeine they need to study for finals, seven Domino’s pizzas to feed students and all their friends, and a Stanley quencher tumbler to keep students hydrated as the weather warms up.

WSU Libraries are diligently preparing to support students during finals week. The library staff is dedicated to catering to students’ needs and ensuring that they have the resources and services necessary to excel.

Overall, WSU Libraries’ commitment to engaging and supporting the university community through events, displays, and programming is a testament to our dedication to serving students. As the libraries continue to evolve and adapt, we will undoubtedly continue to be a valuable resource for all WSU students.