New Books

Lord Byron
The Panic of 1907 : heralding a new era of finance, capitalism, and democracy
Community benefits : developers, negotiations, and accountability
Lamestains : grunge, Sub Pop and the music of the loser
Making money in the early Middle Ages
Next! : the power of reinvention in life and work
Fundamental problems and solutions in finance
The digital future of hospitality
Majnun and Layla : songs from beyond the grave
Sustainable management : coping with the dilemmas of resource-oriented management
Performing the socialist state : modern Chinese theater and film culture
In search of Tito's punks : on the road in a country that no longer exists
Brian Friel's models of influence
The World Bank : a critical history
Narratives of mistranslation : fictional translators in Latin American literature
The children of Athena : Greek intellectuals in the Age of Rome : 150 BC-400 AD
Sustainable : architecture & design 2023 2024
Craft breweries and cities
Start-up century : why we're all becoming entrepreneurs -- and how to make it work for everyone
Cryptoeconomics : economic mechanisms behind blockchains
What do you want out of life? : a philosophical guide to figuring out what matters
Takka takka bom bom : an intrepid war correspondent's 50 year odyssey
Web3 marketing : a handbook for the next Internet revolution
Founder vs investor : the honest truth about venture capital from startup to IPO
Green infrastructure and urban climate resilience : an introduction
Iranian architecture : a visual history
Transscalar critique : climate, blackness, crisis
Fashion Killa : how hip-hop revolutionized high fashion
Discovering Dillman families throughout the world
Journalists and their shadows
Working musicians : labor and creativity in film and television production
Johann Cornies, the Mennonites, and Russian colonialism in southern Ukraine