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Undergraduate Services Librarians

These librarians provide library instruction that aims to help student researchers gain critical scholarly research techniques and skills in order to succeed at the foundational level.

Targeted Courses:

  • English 100 / 101 / 105
  • History 105 / 305
  • University 104 / 497

Departmental Liaison Librarians

These librarians work with students in a variety of disciplines to facilitate the learning and application of discipline-specific information literacy content.
  • Emily Cukier, Librarian for Life/Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Environmental Sciences
  • Suzanne Fricke, Librarian for Veterinary Medicine, Neuroscience, and Global Health
  • Erin Hvizdak, Librarian for Film Studies, Fine Arts, History, Comparative Ethnic Studies, Philosophy and Religion
  • Chelsea Leachman, Librarian for Engineering and STEM
  • David Luftig, Librarian for Agriculture and Extensions
  • Erica Carlson Nicol, Librarian for Anthropology, Communication, and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and American and English Literature
  • Lorena O’English, Librarian for Government Documents, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Sport Studies, and Law
  • Gabriella Reznowski, Librarian for Business, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Hospitality, Finance, Foreign Languages, Music, Theatre & Dance
  • Christy Zlatos, Librarian for Architecture & Interior Design, Education, Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles, Human Development, and Psychology

Liaison Roles:

  • Collaborating with instructors to integrate required information literacy instruction into their courses and learning outcomes.
  • Collaborating with teaching faculty to develop research assignments.
  • Assessing student learning of information literacy-based outcomes.