Owen Science and Engineering Library
Employee Directory

Joel Cummings

Librarian III
Head of Collection Development & Collection Manager for the Sciences
Owen Science & Engineering Library #139

I administer and approve the collections budgets for the WSU Libraries. I license the Libraries electronic materials and Oversee serials cancellation and selection projects as necessary. I am the Chair of the Collections Management Working Group the oversight committee for collection development and Serve as the WSU Collection Development Representative to Library Consortia. I serve as the book and journal selector for almost all areas of Science, Engineering and Agriculture. I serve as chair of the Cataloging Advisory Working Group and as a member of the WSU Contracts Processing Committee.

Joe Ford

Library & Archives Paraprofessional III
Circulation, Owen Science & Engineering Library

I am a member of the Circulation Staff in Owen Science and Engineering Library, serving as the Lead. My primary responsibilities include maintenance of the book stacks in Owen, keeping them orderly and shifting as needed to accommodate new materials. I also lead the Clerical Assistants in their duties and have primary responsibility for training new temporary employees in most of their tasks at Owen. This includes call number recognition, sorting, shelving, copier maintenance, and customer service such as charging and discharging materials loaned to patrons. I oversee the Owen Circulation Department in Robbie's absence, search for missing materials, process temporary user applications. I also back up as needed in processing Summit, Request Item, and Ariel requests. I provide Robbie with monthly summary reports of library materials picked up and searches for missing materials.

Betty Galbraith

Librarian IV/Full Professor
Owen Science & Engineering Library #119

I am subject librarian for the following subject areas: Botany, Cell Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Zoology, General Biological Sciences, Geology, Environmental Sciences and Regional Management, and Natural Resource Sciences. . This involves liaison work with the faculty and teaching information literacy sessions in their courses. Other areas of special subject expertise are arctic research, and history of the Alaska natural gas pipeline.

Library instruction is a major aspect of my responsibilities. I teach subject information literacy classes in my liaison areas, English class sessions, and orientation sessions for new graduates in my liaison areas and other special constituencies. I teach MBios 580, and co-teach MBios 320. In addition I create online lectures and help documents for specific courses in my liaison areas.

My audiocasts are at http://libraries.wsu.edu/podcasts.

Robbie Giles

Library & Archives Paraprofessional V
Circulation, Owen Science & Engineering Library

My position manages the workflow of the Owen Circulation Desk and includes overseeing a team of three additional staff and fifteen temporary employees. I am also responsible for scheduling temporary employees in the Fischer Agricultural Sciences Library. This includes maintaining appropriate workforce levels in both libraries throughout the academic year and during intersession periods.

This position also includes the duties and responsibilities of overseeing stacks maintenance, document delivery, photocopy services, and the day-to-day operations of the Owen Science and Engineering Library. I monitor and review the TE budget for Owen and Fischer Libraries and prepare an analysis of TE hours usage and need for both libraries as well.

I am responsible for interviewing, hiring, disciplining, discharging and scheduling of temporary employees. I oversee the Civil Service staff work schedules. Also, I conduct annual performance evaluations for Civil Service employees and perform disciplinary actions as needed. I am also a member of the Access Services Working Group.

R.J. Hart

Library & Archives Paraprofessional III
Circulation, Owen Science & Engineering Library

I work full-time at Owen where I lead time-slip employees as the evening circulation lead. I assist with Ariel problem solving, map processing, CJ stack maintenance, troubleshoot Interlibrary Loan request problems, and provide regular Reference service.

Michael Landers

Library & Archives Paraprofessional II
Circulation, Owen Science & Engineering Library

I work half-time at Owen where my primary responsibility is the assistance of our patrons at the circulation desk. This work ranges from clerical to reference. I check out books to patrons, help them with their Copicards and our card readers, give them directions, and assist them with our equipment including copiers and microfilm. I provide instruction in the use of our digital collections and our materials access services such as Summit and ILLiad I explain library policies and procedures to our patrons. When the fulfillment of a patron’s needs is beyond my expertise or the scope of my position, I refer them to somebody who can help them.

My primary internal responsibilities include the processing of the Science Library reserves and electronic reserves. I train the new student employees in general front desk circulation duties. I search for missing items. I order our unit’s office supplies and maintain our paper inventory. I receive our new books and keep our new books shelf looking pretty and well stocked.

Chelsea Leachman

Librarian II
Owen Science & Engineering Library

I am the subject librarian for the following subject areas: Biological Systems Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Mechanical and Materials Engineering. This involves being a liaison with the faculty, students and researchers by providing instruction and reference.

Library instruction is also a major aspect of my responsibilities. I teach information literacy classes in my liaison areas, English class sessions, and orientation sessions for new graduates in my liaison areas and other special constituencies.