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Washington State University Libraries (Pullman) Organization Chart

Dean of Libraries

Jay Starratt

  • Boyan (Assistant to the Dean)
  • Cummings (Head, Collection Development)
  • Turner-Rahman (Director of Development)
  • Yoshikawa (Fiscal Officer/Management Analyst)

Associate Dean of Libraries

Beth Blakesley

Library Administrative Office:

  • Letizia (Public Relations Communication Coordinator)
  • Grey (Graphic Designer)

Access Services:

Shipman (Manager)

Animal Health Library:

  • Odell (LAPP3)

Holland & Terrell Libraries:

  • McManus (LAPP4)
    • Herbison (LAPP2)
    • Dragonchuk (LAPP1)
  • Prow (LAPP4)
    • Landers (LAPP2)
    • Overfelt (LAPP2)
  • Anderson (LAPP3)

Owen Science and Engineering Library:

  • Hart (LAPP4)
    • Beebe (LAPP2)
    • McKeighen (LAPP2)
    • Purvis (LAPP2)

Library Systems:

Merrill (Head, Systems & Technical Operations)

  • Galbreath (Core Services Librarian):
  • Wynne (Digital Applications Librarian)
  • Taylor (Application Systems Analyst/Developer)
    • Dixon (IT Entry Application Development)
  • Becker (IT Journey System Administration)
  • Grimm (IT Journey System Administration)
  • Lash (IT Journey Customer Support)
  • Anderson (IT Journey Customer Support)
  • Carter (Maintenance Mechanic 1)

Research Services:

Blakesley (Acting Head, Research Services)

  • Cukier (Science Librarian)
  • England (First Year Experience Librarian)
  • Fricke (Animal Health Librarian)
  • Hvizdak (Humanities Librarian)
  • Johnson (Instruction/Assessment Librarian)
  • Leachman (Science/Instruction Librarian)
  • Luftig (Science Librarian)
  • Martin (Reference Coordinator & Undergraduate Services Librarian)
  • Nicol (Humanities/Social Sciences Librarian)
  • O’English (Social Sciences Reference/Instruction Librarian)
  • Reznowski (Business & Economics Librarian)
  • Saulnier Lange (Online Learning Librarian)
  • Weng (Reference Librarian)
  • Zlatos (Education/Psychology/Human Development/Architecture/Interior Design Librarian)

Technical Services:

Zhu (Head, Technical Services)

  • David (Cataloging Librarian)
  • Spidal (Cataloging Librarian)
  • Benson (LAPP4)
  • James-Bacon (LAPP4)
  • Walton (LAPP4):
    • Turnbow (Program Assistant)
  • Blake (LAPP3)
  • Enos (LAPP3)
  • Sertich (LAPP3)
  • Striffler (LAPP3)

Associate Dean for Digital Initiatives and Special Collections

Trevor Bond

Manuscripts, Archives, & Special Collections:

  • Matthews (Special Collections Librarian)
  • Norton-Wisla (Community Archivist)
  • O’English (University Archivist)
  • O’Hara (Manuscripts Librarian)
  • Rash (Preservation/Museum Specialist 3)
  • Thielen (LAPP4)
    • King (LAPP3)

Digital Scholarship and Curation:

  • Anderson (Scholarly Communication Librarian)
  • Bickel (Mukurtu Library Fellow)
  • Gorman (Mukurtu Library Fellow)
  • Tucker (Education & Outreach Archivist)
  • Huang (Graduate Research Assistant)

(LAPP = Library and Archives Paraprofessional)

revised: June 2022

WSU Libraries, PO Box 645610, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-5610, 509-335-9671
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