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Welcome to Paul Brians' tour site. These pages present an individual personal view of the Pullman campus of Washington State University and the surrounding area and should not be construed as necessarily representative of the views of the Board of Regents, the Administration, or anyone else connected with WSU.

No university-owned materials or equipment were used in the creation of this project, which does not pretend to be either authoritative or comprehensive. But it does strive to be informative and entertaining.

No commercial support has been solicited or will be accepted. What you see on this site is purely what I would like to share with you. Newcomers to the school or the area may find it especially useful.

I have now retired and moved away from the Palouse. I am no longer updating this site, so it reflects WSU as it was in 2007. If you'd like to volunteer to take over updating the site or want to write me for any other reason, send your e-mail to

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