Humans of WSU Libraries

WSU Libraries are starting a series on students found in Terrell and Holland libraries. Similar to the “Humans of New York” photoblog series, where New Yorkers are interviewed and photographed, WSU students are interviewed about themselves and their experience at WSU.

Natalie James is a freshman majoring in psychology at WSU. She is from Port Orchard, Wash.

What drew James to WSU was a desire to leave her hometown for something that was close to home but just far enough away. She felt welcomed the moment she got to school.

“During the freshman Week of Welcome, I felt less lonely after that, and I’m grateful I got to be a part of it. I met so many new people,” James said.

James can be found at the library almost every day. When she is not reading at home or spending time with her roommate, she takes advantage of the library for its quiet and diligent atmosphere.

James said she is looking forward to signing up for classes for the spring semester and making the most out of her next four years of college. While she is still unsure of what will come in her professional career, James expressed excitement about working in child services or social work.

Bethany Lund is a senior at WSU from Tacoma, Wash.,  double majoring in finance and accounting.

Lund was unsure of WSU at first. What sealed the deal for her was visiting campus as a high school senior on the first day of WSU’s fall semester.

“All the students seemed so happy and vibrant. I realized that’s the kind of place I wanted to go. It’s been fantastic so far,” Lund said.

As a double major, Lund consistently dedicates her time to studying in the library. Outside of her academics, she spends time with her roommates or her cat Polo. Lund also loves to read and has read hundreds of books in the past year—many in the fantasy genre.

“The library is a very calming place; I can focus there. I like to sit along the windows and look out at the view. It’s especially pretty when it’s raining or snowing,” she said.

Lund plans to move from WSU for her postgraduate work in either Austin, Texas, or Chicago. She said she wants to work at an accounting firm and possibly switch over to finance, depending on which she prefers.

Kaci Winters is a senior at WSU majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology. Her hometown is Portland, Ore.

Winters was set on going out of state for school and found WSU to be the perfect fit for her. She can attest to the invaluable experiences she’s had in the past four years.

“I’m really going to miss WSU. I’ve made countless experiences here I will never forget. I’m sad this will be my last football season too, but I’m still looking forward to parents’ weekend, which is always fun,” Winters said.

Winters is an active member of Greek life, where she’s built a strong community of friends. She’s also continued her love for psychology and sociology at WSU and hopes to pursue a career in the fields.

“I want to focus on clinical and mental health studies; I want to be a therapist. Ever since I was in high school, that is what I’ve wanted to do. I like working with kids, and I feel like that will be good for me because I am very much a people person. I would do well with the kids,” Winters said.