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Historical Photographs Accessions

The following is a list of the unprocessed Historical Photographs collections held in Manuscripts, Archives and Special Collections (MASC). For the most part these photographs are roughly in the state in which they were received, and intellectual access to them is limited. Most, but not all, of these collections are available to researchers, but users should be aware that they will have to determine which materials might be pertinent to their research needs. This listing is being made available for the convenience of researchers; portions of some collections may not be available for public use.

When requesting these materials, please be sure to indicate the name of the records, the accession number (for example, UPC 01 or UA2000-13), and the location number (if given).

This page is currently under construction, and is not yet complete; many of our unprocessed accessions are still not listed.

Unprocessed Accessions


Source & Description Coverage Accession Location Acquired Quantity
WSU Facilities Development Photographs of Veterinary Teaching Hospital Construction ca. 1994 UA2000-13 3-18-06-2 1 linear foot
2000 photographs
WSU News & Information Services Photographs of WSU
Photographs, negatives, contact sheets; many unlabeled.
Last several boxes have subject organization.
Box 1 contains film clips for Murrow “This is WSU” ca. 1948-1950s
(bulk 1960s-1970s)
UPC-0007 3-18-08-3 Rcvd from various sources, most 1982-1985. See MASC accession sheets for more details. 7 linear feet
14000 items
WSU News & Information Services Photographs of WSU
Primarily slides, half athletics
Individual slide sheets labeled, dated, but (mostly) unordered
(bulk 1990s)
UPC-0018 3-18-08-5 Received 2003. 7 linear feet
15000 items
Higgins Scrapbooks of Union Flats
Most unlabeled; still mounted (original order).
ca. 1890s-ca. 1950s UPC-0004 3-18-07-1 2.5 linear feet
6 scrapbooks
WSU Botany Department Glass Slides of Plantlife
Most labeled (scientific name & location) and dated. Unordered.
1920s UA85-40 3-18-05-5 Received from Belinda Starke 1 linear foot
750 items
Prosser Station Photographs
Photographs, slides, and glass plates.
Most unlabeled, unordered.
ca. 1937-1961 UA81-03 3-18-03-6 1.25 linear feet
300 items
Mires Glass Negatives
Seesm to be primarily family & friends. Austin Mires?
Most in labeled & dated boxes.
1904-1919 UPC-0017 3-18-02-6 3 linear feet
300 items
Thornber Crop Records and Glass Plates
1 linear foot of yearly crop records (WSC orchards?), plus associated images.
Most images labeled but undated; in original order.
1904-1910 MS86-38 3-18-04-6 5 linear feet
900 images
Oversized Photographs and Portraits of Pullman and WACSS (WSU)
Most portraits identified & dated.
Includes many Pharmacy students, plus Glee Club; more.
1901-1903 UPC-0022 3-18-01-1 Possibly received from Chas. Schoele? 1.5 linear feet
30 items
Hall Family of Steptoe, WA Albums and Photographs
One album of WSU ephemera 1927-1930; one album & many loose photos of family
Most unlabeled, undated, unordered.
1927-1976 UPC-0024 3-18-01-1 Donated by Irene Hall, 7-26-1995 1.5 linear feet
350 images
Lantern slides & slides: WSU & Pullman agriculture
Most are labeled; some dated
ca. 1920-1970 UPC 0032 3-18-03-5 Donated by Bill Bowe of WSU Agricultural Engineering, July 2004. 2 linear ft.
1500 images:
400 lant.
1100 slides.
Slides: WSU & Pullman agriculture
Most unlabeled & undated.
ca. 1950s-1960s UPC 0033 3-18-04-4 Donated by Marilue Von Barger of CAHE, July 2004. 1 linear ft.
400 images
Slides of WSU apparel (“Pawthentics”)
Unlabeled; photos taken by WSU Printing
Sept 1997 UPC 0030 3-18-03-1 Donated by Bob Hubner of WSU Photo Services. .1 linear ft.
300 images
Murrow-Trumbull images
Two images speculated to be from the Dewey Murrow / Dona Jean Trumbull wedding.
Most unlabeled & undated
ca. 1920-1930 UPC 0010 3-18-03-1 Donated by Tony Bamonte, 1997 .1 linear ft.
2 images
Photographs of Pullman ca. 1929 unnum. 3-18-03-1 Donated by Alden Couch .1 linear ft.
25 images
Slides of WSU & Pullman
Undated; unlabeled
ca. 1980s unnum. 3-18-03-1 .1 linear ft.
50 images
Agricultural Engineering Photographs
This may be a mix of Ag Eng photos and WSU Photography slides; needs investigated.
? UPC 2001-01 3-18-03-4 1 linear ft.
Brian Harvey (dept of Ag Engineering) images of agriculture, environment, research, bridges.
Photographs, slides, and negatives. Well labeled, many dated.
1975-1983 UPC 2006-01 3-18-04-1 Donated by Sue Harvey, 10-28-2006 2 linear ft.
ca. 4800 images
WSU Chicanx Latinx Student Center Photographs. Separated out of Cage 932 during processing in 2019. Student events and activities. ca. 1971-2008 UPC 2008-02 3-18-03-7 Donated ca. 2006-2008, original source unknown (they came from Wilson Hall). 5 boxes; 2.5 linear ft.; ca. 1000 images
WSC, Pullman, and PHS Photographs
Images are unordered; many labeled by original publisher on front.
1913-1916 UPC 2010-03 3-18-03-1 Purchased from commerical seller in Fort Worth, TX, May 2010 .25 linear ft.
100 images
Photographs of WSC
Images are unordered; most identified or dated.
1908-1909 UPC 2010-04 3-18-03-1 Donated by Lisa King, 12-3-2010 (more expected) .25 linear ft.
22 images
WSU Greek Life Slides. Most dated, some labeled. 1982-2000 UPC 2014-02 3-18-01-2 Donated by Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life, 6-16-2014 1 linear ft.
ca. 1000 images
International Programs / USAID Slides & Photographs. Some labeled; some dated. 1987-1998 UPC 2015-03 3-18-05-2 Donated 4-29-2015 .25 linear ft.
ca. 100 images
Harriet Neergaard Jones negatives & glass plate negatives primarily of family life in and around Oakesdale. Neither dated nor labeled. 1905-1918 ca. UPC 2014-04 3-18-02-2 Donated by Carolyn Anderson, 9-15-2014 1 linear ft.
ca. 100 images
World Civilization Project digital photographs. Digital images of Japan, Rome, Mali, and art from various world museums. The Rome images are online in the World Civilizations digital collection; the others are not. Other images from the project can be found in the processed Paul Brians and Marina Tolmacheva collections. 2003-2004 ca. UPC 2018-01 digital only Donated by Hilary Elmendorf (Japan, Rome) and unknown (Mali, art), ca. 2003-2004 250 tiffs.
Civil and Environmental Engineering Photographs. Held both physically and digitally. NASA images, water towers, California highways, departmental photos, and more. Separated out from PC 182 at processing. 1930s-2010s ca. UPC 2019-06 3-18-03-1 Donated by Nikita Chrystephan, 2019-08-13. .25 linear ft.; ca. 86 images.
Pellerin Family Photographs. 5 mounted photos and 3 postcards ca. 1898-1920, and 1 headshot from 1956. All WSC and family members at WSC. 1898-1956 UPC 2019-08 3-18-05-1 Donated by Tom Pellerin, 2019-08-30. .25 linear ft.; 9 images.
Plant Pathology Dept “Chitwood Collection” – images of wheats/grains.
Glass slides, negatives, and prints. Many labeled, most undated.
1920s circa unnum. 3-18-02-1 Transfered from WSU Fischer Plant Sci Library, date unknown. 1 linear ft.
ca. 250 images
Fred Rounds (Campus Architect) WSC images. Primarily buildings, campus, construction.
Prints, negatives. Envelopes (not individual items) labeled & most dated.
1927-1953 unnum. 3-18-03-1 .25 linear ft.
ca. 150 images


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