Oxford Companion to Chaucer [Full Text]

This resource provides a wealth of clear, up-to-date assessments on all aspects of Chaucer. Entries provide information on Chaucer's life and times, his works and the characteristics of them, his language and metre, his reading and the creative uses he made of it, and his major moral and literary themes.

Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization [Full Text]

This resource provides an authoritative survey of the Greek and Roman worlds in all their aspects. It offers articles on diverse fields such as, history and politics; ethics and morals; law and punishment; social and family life; language, literature, and art; religion and mythology; technology, science, and medicine.

Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing [Full Text]

This Companion provides scholars and fans of the crime and mystery genre with an authoritative yet playful compendium of knowledge about a literature known for its highly entertaining treatment of deadly serious puzzles.

Oxford Companion to Earth [Full Text]

This resource offers unrivalled coverage of the Earth Sciences, from volcanoes to flood plains, diamonds to meteors, deserts to deep seas. All aspects of geology, including climatology, mineralogy, and oceanography, are covered. In addition, there are many eclectic entries, for example on dinosaur hunters, and fossils and folklore, as well as biographies of the key figures involved.

Oxford Companion to Edwardian Fiction [Full Text]

This Companion examines the broad sweep of fiction-writing in the first decade and a half of the twentieth century, from 1900 to the outbreak of the First World War, a period when novels in Britain were produced more cheaply, and read more widely, than ever before. It also surveys a huge variety of neglected and forgotten books, and covers genres such as spy fiction and feminist fiction, and institutions such as the suburb, the publishing trade, and the literary agent.

Oxford Companion to English Literature [Full Text]

The Companion places English literature in its widest context, offering an extensive exploration of the classical roots of English literature, and the European and non-European works and writers that have influenced its development. In addition to the extensive coverage of writers, works, literary theory, allusions, and characters, there are sixteen featured essay-style entries on key topics including black British literature, fantasy fiction, and modernism.

Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales [Full Text]

This Companion is the first authoritative reference source for the complex and captivating genre of the fairy tale. It provides full coverage of stories and characters along with the writers who wrote and reworked them. The Companion also examines related topics such as Disney, opera, science fiction, music, even advertising.

Oxford Companion to German Literature [Full Text]

The Companion was designed to be a reliable source of information on the whole sweep of literature from German-speaking countries from the eighth century onwards, the Companion now comes right up to the mid–1990s.

Oxford companion to Irish history [Full Text]

In a field that has long been at the epicentre of political and academic debate, The Oxford Companion to Irish History offers a comprehensive and authoritative guide to all aspects of this fascinating and complex land.

Oxford Companion to Italian Literature [Full Text]

Embracing the whole of Italian literature, from the early thirteenth century to the present, The Oxford Companion to Italian Literature takes a broad view of what constitutes literature, covering historical writing, travel writing, theatre, and philosophy as well as the novel, poetry, literary dialogues, and critical theory.