Official documents of the UN (ODS)

ODS covers all types of official United Nations documentation, beginning in 1993 and older documents are added to the system on a daily basis. ODS also provides access to the resolutions of the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council and the Trusteeship Council from 1946 onwards.

Online Geographical Bibliogarphy (GeoBib)

GEOBIB is the online equivalent of the print index, Current Geographical Publications (REF G112 A5). It is a citation database covering scholarly literature on physical and human geography. The online database goes back to 1985 and contains citations to books, journals, government documents, maps and atlases.

Opposing Viewpoints In Context (Gale/Cengage Learning) [Full Text]

An online resource, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, covers today's hottest social issues and includes pro/con viewpoints, reference articles, interactive maps, info-graphics and more. Supports social sciences, sciences, humanities, and current events

Oregon Index (OSL)

Index of Oregon newspapers

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Oxford Companion to American Law [Full Text]

The volume assumes that American law, in all its richness and complexity, cannot be understood in isolation, as simply the business of the Supreme Court, or as a list of common law doctrines. Hence, the volume takes seriously issues involving laws role in structuring decisions about governance, the significance of state and local law and legal institutions, and the place of American law in a comparative international perspective.

Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States [Full Text]

This is an accessible and authoritative guide, essential for judges, lawyers, academics, journalists, and anyone interested in the impact of the Supreme Court's decisions on American society.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (OUP) [Full Text]

55,000 biographies of people who shaped the history of the British Isles and beyond, from the earliest times to the year 2002.

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earliest times to 2002

Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History [Full Text]

Articles range from 500-word entries on inventors, theoreticians, and industry leaders to overarching, 8,000-word essays on markets, industries, and labor. With coverage ranging from accounting and advertising to zoning and zoos, this landmark works stands at the busy intersection of history and the social sciences.

Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions [Full Text]

This dictionary includes all 400 entries on major Supreme Court cases through history published in the acclaimed Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States, in addition to approximately 45 new entries for the post-1991 decisions. It also gives entries on the U.S. Constitution, and the nominations and successions of justices.