Avery, Frank Fuller Collection [Full Text]

The collection consists of 800 images selected from 894 5x7 inch glass negatives taken by Frank Fuller Avery during the period 1901 to 1916 when Avery was assigned to the Colville Indian Agency. Among the major subjects included in his collection are photos of agency headquarters and personnel, including several pictures of John McAdam Webster, superintendent of the Colville Indian Agency, scenes of Eastern Washington, and family photos of Avery's wife Anna, and his two sons, Warren and Frank.

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Barkhuff, Delbert Images [Full Text]

The database includes 281 images, mostly photographs, taken by WSU alumnus William Delbert Barkhuff during the 1890s.

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Campus Courtesy (WSU) [Full Text]

A booklet on manners "compiled by the house council of 1929-30 because it felt a need on our campus for the knowledge therein contained."--Cf tp##Includes sections on chaperons, table manners entertainment, dress, and campus courtesy.

Coeur D'Alene Towns, Mines [Full Text]

12 p. of photographs printed on a sheet folded in accordion format

Digital Collections (WSU) [Full Text]

Searchable collection of historical regional and WSU related ##images. Also grouped in browsable collections.

Hutchison Studio Photos (WSU) [Full Text]

The database includes 690 photographs taken by Ralph Raymond Hutchison. The campus of Washington State University is extensively documented, as is the city of Pullman and the surrounding Palouse communities.

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Matsura Image Collection (WSU) [Full Text]

Image collection of Frank S. Matsura who came to the United States from Japan in 1905 settling briefly in Seattle before crossing the Cascades.

Pullman and Palouse Image Collection (WSU) [Full Text]

Some 860 photographs and postcards of Pullman, Washington, selected from the collection of Ivan Shirrod and the Cities and Towns Collection, PC 2, will eventually be included in this database.

Ritchey Image Collection (WSU) [Full Text]

George Ritchey lived in Pullman at least as early as 1897. The 63 images in this database include early scenes of the Washington State University campus, the Ritchey family, and Pullman Washington