Naxos Jazz [Full Text]

One of the most comprehensive collections of jazz music available online, with over 500 jazz artists represented. Coverage also includes blues and R&B. [22,000+ tracks]

Naxos Music Library [Full Text]

The world's largest online classical music library, with the ability to select works by composer, artist, genre, instrument, period, label and more. It also includes composer biographies and discographies, opera synopses and libretti, and some coverage of jazz and world music labels. [370,000+ tracks]

New York Times (1851 - 2006) (ProQuest) [Full Text]

The New York Times (1851-2003) offers full page and article images with searchable full text back to the first issue. ##The collection includes digital reproductions providing access to every page from every available issue.

Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers (Gale) [Full Text]

This database Provides access to approximately 500 U.S. newspapers, published between 1800 and 1900. ##It includes titles from throughout the United States, many published in what were, at the time, only territories. Newspapers selected on their immediate value to researchers on the press and on the century in general. ##Papers selected cover a broad spectrum, with a comprehensive geographical and chronological range.

Nonfiction Classics for Students [Full Text]

Provides in-depth literary and historical background on the most commonly studied nonfiction essays, books, biographies, and memoirs in a streamlined, easy-to-use format. Covering 15-20 works per volume, this reference series gives high-school and undergraduate students an ideal starting point for class assignments, term papers, and special projects.

Northwest History Database (WSU) [Full Text]

A selected set of over 10,100 images from the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Clippings Collection describing a period of rapid growth and development in the history of the Pacific Northwest, including emerging labor unions and the development of dams and canals.