Oxford companion to Black British history [Full Text]

Essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the long and fascinating history of black people in the British Isles, The Oxford Companion to Black British History explores the subject from its beginnings in Roman times to the present day.

Oxford companion to Irish history [Full Text]

In a field that has long been at the epicentre of political and academic debate, The Oxford Companion to Irish History offers a comprehensive and authoritative guide to all aspects of this fascinating and complex land.

Oxford companion to Scottish history [Full Text]

Oxford Companion to Scottish History aims to cover more than 20 centuries of history, and interpret history broadly, covering areas such as archaeology, climate, culture, languages, immigration, migration, and emigration.

Oxford dictionary of American quotations [Full Text]

With nearly 6,000 quotations, this volume offers a stimulating picture of American culture and life. Up-to-date and thoroughly researched, the Dictionary covers more than five hundred topics, giving readers a nutshell history of what great (and not-so-great) Americans had to say about each one.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (OUP) [Full Text]

55,000 biographies of people who shaped the history of the British Isles and beyond, from the earliest times to the year 2002.

Dates of Coverage: 
earliest times to 2002

Oxford English Dictionary (OED [Full Text]

Provides definition, pronunciation, word origins, quotes using the word, and date chart showing when the word came into use.

Oxford Music Online / Grove Music Online

The Oxford Dictionary of Music includes the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Opera, and Jazz. These are fully searchable in combination with Larkin's Encyclopedia of Popular Music, the Oxford Companion to Music, and the Oxford Dictionary of Music. Updated quarterly.