Oxford Companion to Body [Full Text]

This volume provides concise and readable accounts of the structure and function of all the major systems of the body and the causes of disorders that affect them. Interwoven with this coverage of the science of the body, are entertaining and informative articles on social and religious attitudes to the body, and its significance for artists, philosophers and writers.

Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea [Full Text]

It covers every aspect of the seas and the vessels that sail on them, from shipbuilding, yachting, diving, and marine mammals, to tidal power, piracy, and the literature and language of the sea.

Oxford Companion to the History of Modern Science [Full Text]

This resource presents an unparalleled history of the field invaluable to anyone with an interest in the technology, ideas, discoveries, and learned institutions that have shaped our world over the past five centuries. Focusing on the period from the Renaissance to the early twenty-first century, the articles cover all disciplines, historical periods, concepts, and methodologies and philosophies.

Oxford dictionary of scientific quotations [Full Text]

The original words announcing great scientific discoveries, from the first ‘Eureka! ’ to the cloning of Dolly the sheep, can all be found in this dictionary. Put together over 15 years with the assistance of a distinguished team of specialist advisers, it includes full author descriptions and exact sources. Scholarly but accessible, it presents the human face of science, as scientists reflect on achievements and failures in their own lives and those of others.