Columbia Basin College

Library catalog

Hanford Technical Library

HTL is a research and technical library, operated by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, with resources unique to southeastern Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

Mid-Columbia Regional Library

Library catalog serving Benton, Adams and Franklin counties.

Neill Public (Pullman)

Neill Public is the Pullman public library. Its collections complement those of WSU and students are welcome to register for library cards and use the collection and services.

Richland Public Library

Library catalog

Summit (Orbis Cascade Allianc)

Is now fully integrated into! Catalog of member libraries in Oregon, Washington and Idaho with over 22 million records. Items available for loan to WSU students, faculty and staff.

University of Idaho Law Library Catalog (UI)

The UI Law Library collection has primary materials, in the form of statutes and court reporters, for the federal system and all of the states and secondary materials, consisting of treatises, law reviews, and looseleaf services, round out the American law collection.

University of Idaho Library Catalog (UI)

The UI Library is available for use by WSU students, faculty and staff. It is a full depository library for U.S. government documents and has many collections that complement those at WSU Pullman.

Washington Geology Library Catalog

Washington Geology Library catalog contains the holdings of the Washington Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geology and Earth Sciences Library. Contains citations to articles, book chapters, books, media, and maps.