Emerald Journals (Emerald) [Full Text]

Access full-text journals from 1994 in subjects covering a spectrum of management disciplines including: strategy; leadership; library and information management; marketing and human resource management; plus a substantial number of engineering, applied science and technology titles.

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Encyclopedia of Communities of Practice in Information and Knowledge Management [Full Text]

This single volume encyclopedia provides a comprehensive, critical and descriptive examination of all facets of CoPs in information and knowledge management in societies and organizations.

Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction [Full Text]

This encyclopedia covers a wide range of HCI related topics such as concepts, design, usability, evaluation, innovations, and applications of HCI in organizations around the globe. It also includes coverage of real life experiences and cases of HCI and the lessons learned.

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology [Full Text]

This five volume encyclopedia includes more than 550 articles highlighting current concepts, issues and emerging technologies. These articles are enhanced by special attention that is paid to over 5,000 technical and managerial terms.

Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management [Full Text]

This encyclopedia provides a broad basis for understanding the issues, technologies, theories, applications, opportunities, and challenges being faced by researchers and organizations today in their quest for knowledge management.

HAPI - Health & Psychosocial Instruments (EBSCO)

Comprehensive bibliographic coverage of a wide variety of evaluation and measurement tools for health and psychosocial studies, for practitioners, educators, researchers, and students.

Johnson, Corey (Pullman)

Corey Johnson is the library contact person for library and information sciences

Library, Information Science & Technology (EBSCO)

Provides indexing of journal articles, books, research reports and conference proceedings in librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management, search engines, printed and electronic information sources, the information industry, scholarly communication, and electronic publishing. LISTA coverage extends back to the mid-1960s.

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1960 to the present

Public Library Core Collection: Nonfiction (EBSCO)(H.W. Wilson)(XML)

cquisitions librarians, reference librarians and catalogers can all use this reliable guide to building and maintaining a well-rounded collection of the most highly-recommended reference and non-fiction books for adults.####Public Library Core Collection: Nonfiction users can search over 12,000 titles (including over 1,000 analytical records for parts of collections or anthologies). Entries provide complete bibliographic data, price, subject headings, a descriptive annotation, and evaluative quotations from a review when available, plus information on electronic editions of works where available.

SAGE Research Methods [Full Text]

SAGE Research Methods is the ultimate methods library with more than 1000 books, reference works, journal articles, and instructional videos by world-leading academics from across the social sciences, including the largest collection of qualitative methods books available online from any scholarly publisher. The site is designed to guide users to the content they need to learn a little or a lot about their method. Provides access to SAGE Research Methods Datasets, SAGE Research Methods Cases, and SAGE Research Methods Video as well.