Bond, Trevor (Pullman)

Trevor Bond is the library contact person for classical literature.

Cummings, Joel (Pullman)

Joel Cummings administers and approves the collections budgets for the WSU Libraries. He is the contact for questions about licensing of the Libraries electronic materials (ebooks, journals, streaming videos and databases) and the Chair of the Collection Development Committee, the oversight committee for collection development at WSU. He serves as the WSU Collection Development Representative to Library Consortia and serves as the book and journal selector for almost all areas of Science, Engineering and Agriculture.

Enslow, Electra (Spokane)

Electra Enslow is a librarian at the WSU Spokane Campus library. She the library liaison to the Nursing, Pharmacology, Health Policy and Medical Sciences departments.

Galbraith, Betty (Pullman)

Betty Galbraith is the library contact person for botany, environmental sciences, environomental studies, geology, natural resource sciences, the Program in Biology, regional planning, and zoology.

Gover, Harvey (Tri-Cities)

Harvey Gover is the assistant campus librarian for the TriCities campus.

Johnson, Corey (Pullman)

Corey Johnson is the library contact person for library and information sciences

Leachman, Chelsea (Pullman)

Chelsea Leachman is the subject librarian for the following subject areas: Biological Systems Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

Matuozzi, Bob (Pullman)

Bob Matuozzi is the librarian contact for American and English literature, fine arts, philosophy, and religious studies.

Nicol, Erica Carlson (Pullman)

Erica Carlson Nicol is the librarian contact for the Department of Anthropology and Archchaeology, the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication and the Department of Women’s Studies.

O'English, Lorena (Pullman)

Lorena O'English is the library contact person for rural sociology, political science, criminal justice, sociology, sport and exercise studies.