Technical Services - Goals

To support WSU and WSU Libraries strategic goals, Technical Services will utilize available technology to ensure that all members of the WSU community have timely access to information resources needed to fulfill the mission of the University.

Goal I: Provide excellent resources and services tailored to support the teaching and learning activities and research and outreach efforts of Washington State University

  • Acquire, maintain, and preserve print and electronic collections as appropriate
  • Provide timely and effective access to new, incoming purchased and gift materials
  • Develop technical services to meet the needs of faculty, researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students
  • Expand access to unique collections of scholarly materials
  • Produce high-quality metadata to describe and provide access to library collections in all formats
  • Continue retrospective conversion and cataloging of hidden collections
  • Maintain up-to-date financial (budget and payment) information

Goal II: Follow the Alliance Strategic Agenda to work smart, design for engagement and innovate to transform

  • Follow Alliance policies and best practices unconditionally
  • Follow national standards and best practices unconditionally
  • Discard old procedures and redesign new procedures and workflows to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Support Alliance collaborative technical services endeavors unconditionally

Goal III: Develop the Libraries' infrastructure and employee foundations

  • Continue the development of Technical Services (TS) into a “learning organization” in which communication and innovation are encouraged both internally and among other Library faculty and staff
  • Communicate about departmental activities and goals with other library departments
  • Regularly monitor, review, and evaluate the TS Teams for appropriate membership, procedures, and workflows to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Create and maintain documentation of TS policies and procedures
  • Invest in the ongoing training of faculty and staff
  • Identify areas where training would improve skills. Back-up and/or cross-training often lead to increased productivity and fresh ideas
  • Ensure that every TS librarian and staff member understands Unit goals and priorities as well as their own individual expectations as related to these. Each individual should have the opportunity to be involved in goal and priority setting
  • Continue to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing environment by thinking outside the box and treating change as an opportunity