Bunchgrass Historian - Issue by Issue

The Bunchgrass Historian is a journal of local history for Washington state's Whitman County, published by the Whitman County Historical Society.

This is a compilation of the tables of contents of all issues (slightly edited for consistency and usability); individual articles are not available online. However, all back issues are available through the Bunchgrass Historian link above.  Pullman, WA's Neill Public Library (979.738 BUNCHGR) and the Washington State University Libraries (F897.W6 B8) both hold complete runs; issues can be found in many other Inland Northwest libraries as well.

Volume 1-1 (Spring, 1973)
"James A. Perkins, Co-Founder and First Permanent Resident of Colfax, W.T.," Part I, by Roy Chatters
"Summer Fun of Years Gone By," by B. LeRoy Davidson
Boone Picnic- 1929 (photograph)
"Founding of the Present Society," by Norma McGregor
"Lines in Praise of Farmington," (poem) by Mary McGregor
"'New' Historical Society Not the First," by Thelma Kay Miller
History of the Onecho Bible Church," by Pearl Rubin
"Why 'Bunchgrass Historian'?," by B. LeRoy Davidson
"Parvin Family Lineage," by Lena Parvin
"Written in Honor of Our 50th Anniversary," Part I, by Lena Parvin

Volume 1-2 (Summer, 1973)
"The River Road to Ragtown that Opened the Palouse," by June Crithfield
Steamboats (photographs)
"Written in Honor of Our 50th Anniversary," Part II, by Lena Parvin
"End of an Era," by Harry E. Sever
"James A. Perkins, Co-Founder of Colfax," Part II, by Roy Chatters

Volume 1-3 (Fall, 1973)
"An Early Whitman County School," by J. B. West
"The School Board's Prayer," (poem), by R. L. Hartley
"Grandma's 'Receipt' for Washday"
"Settling in Washington Territory," by Belle L. Shirley Green
"Twenty Mule Team," by Belle L. Shirley Green
"Recalling Early Days in Whitman County," by Jessie Hanford

Volume 1-4 (Winter, 1973)
"Merry Christmas," by Virginia Neil Jacobs Dilts
"A Barrel Hoop Wreath Remembered," by LeRoy Davidson
"Christmas Story," by Lona Rubin
"Christmas Story," by Evelyn Duarte
"An Early Christmas at Pampa School," by Elsie Collins
"Christmas at Captain Ewart's," by Sara Jane Perkins
"Memories," by Virginia Neil Jacobs
"Poems from The Peter Patter Book," by Leroy F. Jackson
"Winter of '[18]89-'90," by June Crithfield
Winter Chores, (photographs)
"Determined Bridegroom Hikes Sixteen Miles Through Flood," by Serena F. Mathews (told to Katherine Almquist)
"A Short History of a Pioneer Family of Whitman County," by Elsie Collins

Volume 2-1 (Spring, 1974)
"Boom Days in the Sheep Business, 1905-1920," by Alex McGregor
"Wheat was Not Always King," by Roy Chatters
"Some Plants Unique to Our Area," by B. LeRoy Davidson
"Two Historical Sites Recommended for State and National Registers; The Collins' Stagecoach Way Station and The Spalding Cemetery."

Volume 2-2 (Summer, 1974)
"The Development of Railroading in Whitman County," by J. B. West
"Railroad and Railroad Depots (photographs) I' "Union Pacific Depot Saved by Bank," by Roy Chatters
""Salmon Feast Promotes Indian Friendship," by Lewis Miles
"Short History of Tekoa, Washington," by Mrs. Lewis Miles
"Boom Days in the Sheep Business, 1905-1920," by Alex McGregor (cont’d from V. 2-1)

Volume 2-3 (Fall, 1974)
"A Saga of Union Flat," by Glenn E. Hatley
"A Letter from Washington Territory in 1882," by Frances Boone Keith
"He Laid the Last Brick on 'Big Ben' Before Coming to the Palouse," by Layne Moys Storment
Educational Notes- 1889

Volume 2-4 (Winter, 1974)
"Pioneer Mother Saves Her Children"
"The Doctors and Other Remedies," by Lena Parvin
"Early Health Practitioners"
Photographs of Early Doctors
"Whitman County Doctors in 1904," Reprinted from Polk's Directory of Whitman County- 1904
"John M. Risley-Palouse City Dentist," by Juanita Risley Ankcorn
"'Flu' Epidemic kills 20,000,000 in 1918-19"
"Treating Diphtheria with Carbolic Acid," Walla Walla Union, November 11, 1882
"Cure for Smallpox," Pullman Herald, December 1, 1888
"Local Smallpox Reports in the 1880s," The Commoner, December, 1888
"The Farr Family-Early Settlers.," by Chester D. Farr

Volume 3-1 (Spring, 1975)
"History of a Breed," from the Appaloosa Horse Club, Inc., brochure
"Appaloosa, the Palouse Country Horse," by George Hatley
"The Farm Horse"
"The Horse Age"
"Rough Introduction," by Roy H. Davis
"Value of Stable Manure," Colton Eagle, January 4, 1890
"Stage Lines- 1901," History of Whitman County- Lever- 1901

Volume 3-2 (Summer, 1975)
"Recreation at Rock Lake"
"Those Old Time Fourth of Julys," by Roy H. Davis
"The Land of the Palouse," (poem) by Leroy LaFollette
"Fruit Production in the Palouse Country"
"William Doty Orchards," by Edna Haxton Gingrich
"Charles R. Moys Orchards," by Edna Haxton Gingrich
"The Old LaFollette Orchard," by Amy Keith Davidson
"Elberton, Center of Fruit Production and Processing," excerpts from local newspapers
"Whitman County Commercial Orchardists in 1904," from Polk's Dictionary for Whitman County- 1904
"Steamboat Strike Hampers Fruit Harvest," a letter written by George W. Willoughby
"The John F. Kelley Orchards," by John F. Kelley
"Organization of Snake River Fruit Growers Association," by June Crithfield

Volume 3-3 (Fall, 1975)
"Pioneer Newspapering in the Palouse," by Roy Chatters
"Gem of the Palouse," The Pullman Tribune, April 20, 1905
"Rates for Immigrants Reduced," The Pullman Tribune, April 20, 1895
"Not Always a Man's World," Oakesdale News, Feb. 22, 1901
"Tale of an Early Printer's Devil," by Roy Chatters
"Over Sixty Years a Printer," by R. E. Heitzman
"From Apprentice to Editor-Publisher," by Carl D. Dilts

Volume 3-4 (Winter, 1975)
"The Homesteaders Come To The Palouse"
"That's My Land If I Can Get It," by Lucy Downen
"The Sawmill Changes Building Styles"
"A Brief Sketch of The Pioneering of The Edward A. Stone Family of Thornton, Whitman County, Washington," by Viola Stone Oakes
"Dugout Gives First Shelter to Homesteaders," by Neita Curtis
"Matthias Swegle, by Neita Curtis
Log Cabins (photographs)

Volume 4-1 (Spring, 1976)
"The Perkins House"
"Time for Elegance"
"The McCroskey House," by Nick Manring
"The A. B. Willard Home," by Mrs. Lewis Miles
"Bricks were Big Business in Uniontown," by June Crithfield as told by Walt Wieber
"St. Boniface Catholic Church"
"The 'Fraternity Block'," by Bill Wilmot
"Greystone Church"
"Spokane District Directory- 1890 (Builders and Contractors)"
Area Homes (photographs)

Volume 4-2 (Summer, 1976)
"Education Second Concern of Settlers"
"A History of the Yeo and Bryant Schools, 1886-1937," by Elisabeth Hinrichs Manring
"Journal Notes on the Gale Bar School," by Paul Standley
"Memories of Gale Bar School," by Irene Harrison
"Johnson School Days," by Sybl Nygreen
"Wilcox School Makes Night Move," by Mariam Kammerzell
"Miss Leoti L. West, Educator Extraordinaire," by Lenore Nordwall
"The Construction of Colfax College"
"Pioneer Teacher Regards Discipline as a Part of Total Education," by Miss Kittie Hooper. Reprint from the Colfax Gazette.
School Days (photographs)

Volume 4-3 (Fall, 1976)
"Trading Centers Arise From Farmers' Needs"
"John W. Rice-Village Blacksmith," by S. C. Roberts
"The Myklebust Co.," reprint from the Rosalia Citizen Journal
"The Carley Iron Works," interview with Dell Mitchell, et a1
Businesses (photographs)

Volume 4-4 (Winter, 1976)
"Garfield Made the M.W.A. Picnic a Success," Garfield Enterprise
"Ladies Aid Society Dinner at Dunnigan Hall," La Crosse Clipper
"Recreation Recalled," by J. B. West
"Spare-Time Inventors"
"Elberton Picnic Next," Garfield Enterprise
"Something for Everyone," by Lawrence Welle
Favorite Pastimes (photographs)

Volume 5-1 (Spring, 1977)
"Riparia and Texas Ferry"
"Stagecoach stops: Ewartsville, Irene, Leitchville, Sunset, Pampa, Imbler, Staley, Dunlor, Diamond, Cashup"
"Robbers Make Haul at Johnson Bank," Pullman Herald
"The History of the Wilcox Community," by Miriam Kammerzell
"Long Ago Days Recalled," by Joseph W. Hungate
"Courting," by William Batty
"Pioneer Coffin-Making," by Doris Ferguson
"Profile of a Pioneer," by Gerald Druffel
"Mexican War Vet Comes to the Palouse," by Roy H. Davis

Volume 5-2 (Summer, 1977)
"Whitman County Forts, 1877- 1878," by Elsie Collins
"Indian Scare of 1891," - Pullman Herald
"Palouse Indians Claims," Pullman Herald
"Mary Pickard's Story," Nicholas J. Manring
"Warpath," by June Crithfield
"Whitman Massacre Survivor Buried in Farmington," letters of Mrs. Guy Carpenter
"Survivors Lived in Pullman"
"Palouse Prepares During Panic," by J. B. West

Volume 5-3 (Fall, 1977)
"Men Who Ran the Mills," N. W. Durham, Spokane and the Inland Empire
"The Colfax Flouring Mills," by June Crithfield
"Leading Flour Mills of Whitman County in 1907," The Coast
"Flour Mills at Elberton, Winona and La Crosse," by Mary Pickard Moody
"Palouse Flour Mill"
"The J. C. Barron Flour Mills," by Nickolas J. Manring
Barron's Mill Inventory, July 5, 1926
"The Colton Flour Mill"
"Farmington Flour Mill"
"Dance In Flour Mill," The Palouse Republic
"The Almota Flour Mill"
Flour Mills (photographs)

Volume 5-4 (Winter, 1977)
"Harvey Bartleson, Whitman County's First State Patrolman," by Maxine Weeks Patterson
"The Blizzard," by Ruth E. Ickes
"Railfan's Paradise," by Rev. Thomas E. Jessett, J.S.T.D.
"Railroad Magnates Visit Colfax," Colton News-Letter
"Early Telephones in the Palouse country," by J. B. West
"Funston and Cornelius Families Arrive in Whitman Co. in 1877," by Mrs. Richard Robertson
"Early History of the Pullman Grange Supply," by Roy H. Davis
"The Early Day Hot Lunch Program," by B. Leroy Davidson
"Desire for Education Prompts Family Move," by Gene Harms

Volume 6-1 (Spring, 1978)
"The Hotseated Horseless Carriage"
"The Horseless Carriage," by Roy Chatters
"Automobiles," by J. B. West
Road Map of Inland Empire, 1918
"The Versatile and Adaptable Motor Vehicle"
"Learning to Drive the 'Red Devil'," by Roy H. Davis

Volume 6-2 (Summer, 1978)
"News Items Show Progress of Panic of 1893"
"Depression Years 1922-31," by Roy H. Davis
"Depression Days in the Palouse," by Thelma Richardson VanTine as told to Kay Turner
"Bertha Caine Worked for the Red Cross," interview by Dorothy Matson

Volume 6-3 (Fall, 1978)
"The J. H. Weeks Dairy Farm," by Maxine Patterson
Harvest (photographs)
"The Pierson Ranch,"' by Ethel Gosney
Fruit Packing (photographs)

Volume 6-4 (Winter, 1978)
"Old Hill Road to Wawawai"
"Automobile is a Detriment to Road Building," reprint from Palouse Republic
"Building a Private Bridge Across Union Flat Creek," by Roy Davis
"Tales of an Early Road Builder," by Lenora Harvey (Barr) Torgeson as told to Kay Kenedy Turner
Road Building (photographs)

Volume 7-1 (Spring, 1979)
"Gold is Found Near Palouse," reprint from Palouse Republic
"Will Develop Bishop Coal Find," reprint from Palouse Republic
"Mining in the Palouse," by J. B. West
"Opal Mining," by Jeanette Fleener Talbott
"Working in the Gold Hill Mine," by Perry Cram as told to Kay Kenedy Turner
"News Items on Early Mining Activity," compiled by Dorothy Matson
"The Lost Wheelbarrow Gold Mine," by J. B. West
"The First Archaeological Excavation in Whitman County," by Roderick Sprague

Volume 7-2 (Summer, 1979)
"Milton L. Crawford, Railway Expressman, 1919-1962," as told to Kay Kenedy Turner
"Early Days in the Palouse," by Ruth Ickes
"Down in the Rocks," by Ethel Pierson Gosney
"Lyman T. Babcock, Whitman County Pioneer," by Irene Babcock Wiggins

Volume 7-3 (Fall, 1979)
"Early Pullman Photographers," by Dorothy Matson
"Clifford M. Ott"
Early Photographs

Volume 7-4 (Winter, 1979)
"Daniel Wright Boone-Settler"
"We Have Left Dakota," by David B. Ross
"We'll Be Back Again," by David B. Ross
"David B. Ross Passes Away," reprint Garfield Enterprise
"John Abbl (1857-1923)," by Mrs. Victor (Abbl) Uptmor
"Poignant Letters From Home"
Early Pioneers (photographs)

Volume 8-1 (Spring, 1980)
""Pioneer School and Church Life," by Louise Leendertsen
Turnbow Flat School (photographs)
"Boyer Park," by June Crithfield
"Data from 1880 Federal Census for Whitman County," by Donn L. Cochran

Volume 8-2 (Summer, 1980)
"Logging and Lumbering in Whitman County, 1871-1905," by Fred C. Bohm
Lumbering Contracts
"Lumberjacks Flim-Flam Elberton Saloonkeeper and End up in Jail," by J. B. West
"Lumbering in Whitman County," by Edith E. Erickson
Logging (photographs)

Volume 8-3 (Fall, 1980)
"The First People of the Palouse Country," by Richard Scheuerman and Clifford Trafzer
"Testament of Yos-Yos-Tulie-Katsen," by B. F. Manning
"Whose Land?," reprint from Idaho Signal, contributed by Dorothy Matson
"A Palouse Indian Speaks: Mary Jim Remembers," edited by Richard Scheuerman and Clifford Trafzer
"T. W. Martin, Last Known Survivor of Indian War Dead," reprint from Pullman Herald, contributed by Dorothy Matson

Volume 8-4 (Winter, 1980)
"Oscar E. Gladish, Principal of Pullman High School, 1929-1963," by George A. Frykman
"Early Schools in Whitman County," by Deborah Gallacci and William F. Wilbert
"Colfax College and English's Collegiate School: Examples of Early Higher Education in the Palouse," by Marvin G. Slind

Volume 9-1 (Spring, 1981)
"Wheat Breeding in the Pacific Northwest," by O. A. Vogel
Farmlife in the Palouse
"Farmstead Architecture," by Marvin Moore
"The Farm Wife and Her Domain," by Jack Carter
"Clothing in the Palouse, Circa 1910," by Susan Lehman and Dixie Ehrenreich
"The Working Farmer's Inventions: The Potato Planter and Smut Killer Peter Haupt Built," by Mark Doerr and Lambert Haupt
"Palouse Farming on Film: The W.S.U. Collection," by Gale Franko
Book Reviews

Volume 9-2 (Summer, 1981)
"Happy Birthday Pullman," by Fred C. Bohm
"The Founding of Pullman: A Local Folktale," by Lawrence R. Stark
"The Development of the Postal Service in Pullman," by Esther Pond Smith
"The Squires House: A Pullman Landmark," by Evelyn Rodewald and Suzanne Myklebust
"Pullman-From Farming Frontier to Urban Center, 1881-1910," by Roger C. Bjerk
Book Reviews

Volume 9-3 (Fall, 1981)
"Albion, 1881-1981," by Dee Harrison
"The Ku Klux Klan in Whitman County in the 1920," by Craig Holstine

Volume 9-4 (Winter, 1981)
"The Frontier Press," by Von Pittman
"The Boomerang Newspaper and Printing Museum at Palouse," by Roy Chatters
"The Columbia River," by Cleveland Rockwell
Book Reviews

Volume 10-1 (Spring, 1982)
"From Whence They Came," by Steven A. Leibo
"The Chinese in Whitman County, 1870-1910," by William F. Wilbert
Book Reviews

Volume 10-2 (Summer, 1982)
"The Discovery of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Medal," by Roy Chatters
"An American Odyssey," by Roy Chatters
"Lewis and Clark Never Saw the Palouse Country," by Verle G. Kaiser
"Palouse: Boom and Bust? 1900-1920," by Evelyn Rodewald
Book Reviews

Volume 10-3 (Fall, 1982)
"WAZZU at War: Washington State College During the Great War," Part I, by Harold E. Helton
"Eastern Washington according to Zane Grey," by Ron Szabo
Book Reviews

Volume 10-4 (Winter, 1982)
"The Norwegians," by Fred C. Bohm
"Norse to the Palouse: The Selbu Community at La Crosse," by Marvin G. Slind
"The Nervigs of Forest Grove Farm: An Oral History," by Richard Hamm
"Whitman County Genealogy," by Linda Lilles
Book Reviews


Volume 11-1 (Spring, 1983)
"James Perkins and Colfax: The Entrepreneur and His Town," by Tom Fryxell
"Rebellion in the Palouse: The Student Strike at WSU, May 1970," by Mark T. Fiege
"Political Activities During the Student Strike: Three Recollections," by William F. Wilbert
"Family History in Whitman County," by Linda Scott Lilles
Book Reviews

Volume 11-2 (Summer, 1983)
"The 50th Anniversary of the Time That Will Rogers Didn't Come to the Palouse," by Stephen E. Balzarini
"The Town that Jonathan Johnson Built," by Carol L. C. McCaulley
"The Perkins House," by Tom Fryxell
"The Perkins House Restoration"
Book Reviews

Volume 11-3 (Fall, 1983)
"Yakima Canutt, Whitman County's Oscar-Winning Cowboy," by Fred C. Bohm
"Riders of the Silver Screen: A Short History of the Western Film," by William F. Wilbert
"On the Trail of Pierre DeSmet," by Jill Whelchel
Book Reviews

Volume 11-4 (Winter, 1983)
"Germans from Russia: Pioneers on the Palouse Frontier," by Richard D. Scheuerman
"Coming to the Land of Milk and Honey," by Richard Hamm
Book Reviews

Volume 12-1 (Spring, 1984)
"Agriculture in the Palouse," by Keith Williams
"Long Line Skinner: An Interview With Gilbert Slind," by Marvin G. Slind
Book Reviews

Volume 12-2 (Summer, 1984)
"WAZZU At War, Part II: Washington State College During The Second World War," by Harold Elliott Helton
"Family History Resources in Whitman County: Using the MASC collections at WSU Libraries," by Linda Scott Lillies
Book Reviews

Volume 12-3 (Fall, 1984)
"Wheat Fields of the Columbia," by Ernest Ingersoll
"United We Stand," by Kimberly Bradford
Book Reviews

Volume 12-4 (Winter, 1984)
"Zane Grey: Creator of the Modem Western Novel," by William Wilbert
"Five On Penawawa"

Volume 13-1 (Spring, 1985)
"Two Railroad Towns: Tekoa and Malden," Part I, by Dale L. Martin, Jr.
"Adventures on the Columbia (1832)," by Ross Cox

Volume 13-2 (Summer, 1985)
"The Effects of the Easter Massacre on the Pullman Police Department," by Karl Heuterman
"The Prosecutor's View, an Interview with Lawrence Hickman," Noreen Hall, interviewer
"A Pioneer Stockman: The Statement of Daniel McRae," by Leroy Jackson and Arthur Daniel

Volume 13-3 (Fall, 1985)
"Two Railroad Towns: Tekoa and Malden, Part II," by Dale L. Martin
"The Statement of John Weber Leid," by John Weber Leid
"Recollections of Life in Elberton," by J. Orin Oliphant
"What a Humboldter Thinks, 1879," by John Cady

Volume 13-4 (Winter, 1985)
"’Repent Ye Boozers:’ Whitman County and the Liquor Question, 1855-1917," by Jon Nuxoll
Publication of Note

Volume 14-1 (Spring, 1986)
"The St. Elmo Hotel," by Nicholas Manring and Deidre Busacca
"Interviews of Palouse Pioneers"
"Stories of Branham Precinct: George William (Billy) Reed, William H. Brabyn, Carson W. Taylor," by J. E. Lindsey

Volume 14-2 (Summer, 1986)
"The Rise and Fall of the Mercantiles in the Town of Colton," by Lambcrt Haupt
"The Time of Change is Yet the Same: The Roaring Twenties from a Small Town Perspective," by Nancy Tadlock

Volume 14-3 (Fall, 1986)
"The First One Hundred Years of Whitman Lodge Number 49 (Free and Accepted Masons of Washington)," by Charles F. Martin
"Sarah Ann Bell McKenzie," by Eileen Nelson
"The Story of One Rosalia Family," Inez Elliot Miller, 1963 Publication of Note
"Grubstaking the Palouse by Richard Waldbauer, reviewed by Jill Whelchel

Volume 14-4 (Winter, 1986)
"Life in a Railroad Town: Tekoa, Washington," by Dale Martin
Book Reviews

Volume 15-1 (Spring, 1987)
"Wilson Hall," by Harold Helton.
"Early Reminiscences of Rosalia," by Mr. M.H. West and Vernon Towne
Book Reviews

Volume 15-2 (Summer, 1987)
"Streets Out of Time: History of Pullman's Block '56 [Library Block]," by Esther Pond Smith

Volume 15-3 (Fall, 1987)
"Palouse Country: Introduction to a Photographic Essay," by George Bedirian
"Colfax IOOF and Rebecca Lodge," by Edith Erickson Publication of Note Seven for Oregon by Cornelia Shields, reviewed by Robert Luedeking

Volume 15-4 (Winter, 1987)
"Hay, Washington"
"History of Hay Baptist Church," by Ruth Nervig
"Memoirs or Reminiscences (of Riparia and area)," by Chas. A. Ray, ca. 1940

Volume 16-1 (Spring, 1988)
"Bald Butte School District No. 2," by Gerald Druffel
"Our School's History: The Ups and Downs of Garfield's Educational Institutions," from Truth, 1897
"Reminiscences of a Pedagogue," S.C. Roberts, ca. 1935

Volume 16-2 (Summer, 1988)
"Exploration of the Palouse Country: The Pacific Railroad Expedition of the 1850’s," excerpts from I.I. Stevens
"More Reminiscences of a Pedagogue," S.C. Roberts

Volume 16-3 (Fall, 1988)
"The Interior Tramway," by Glen Lindeman and Matthew Root
"Soil Conservation in the Palouse Country," Oral History Interview with Verle Kaiser; edited by Tina Atkinson Oswald

Volume 16-4 (Winter, 1988)
"The Canyon Grain Chute," by Glen Lindeman
"S.C. Roberts Enters Politics," by S.C. Roberts, 1935

Volume 17-1 (Spring, 1989)
"Tekoa Grain Company and Flathouse at Lone Pine," by Craig Holstine
"David Judson and Anne Grant," by James Lindsey, 1934; edited by Tina Atkinson Oswald

Volume 17-2 (Summer, 1989)
"The Gustave Heilsburg Farm," by Craig Holstine
"A History of the Barber Business in Whitman County, Washington," by D.E. Ed Tower, ca. 1940

Volume 17-3 (Fall, 1989)
"The Max Steinke Round Barn," by Craig Holstine
"History of Grazing," by Works Progress Administration (account of Sarah Mason, Endicott, Wash.)
"World War I in Pullman," by Everett Skidmore

Volume 17-4 (Winter, 1989)
"McGregor Ranch," by Craig Holstine from: History of Grazing

Volume 18-1 (Spring, 1990)
"Hard Times in Whitman County: A Case Study of the Agrarian Ideal in America," by Andrew Sonneland
"Reminiscences, 1934," by Cynthia C. Holbrook

Volume 18-2 (Summer, 1990)
"A Brief History of Pine City," by Louise Ager Cox
"History of Grazing Interview, 1941," by Silas Smith

Volume 18-3/4 (Fall/Winter, 1989)
"Family Histories from Hay," collected by Ruth Nervig
"The Story of C.Y. Edwards, Pine City, Washington"
Book Reviews

Volume 19-1 (1991)
"My Family - The Maleys," by Leslie William Maley, with Olga Maley
"Fragments - The Town of Lincoln, and the story of George Miller" edited by Lawrence R. Stark

Volume 19-2 (1991)
"Whitman County" from Gilbert's Historic Sketches
"The Story of M.B. Darden of Lacrosse, Washington"

Volume 19-3 (1991)
"Whitman County: Lynchers and Lawmen," by David Chapman
"The Story of Sarah Wohleter"
"The Story of Emma Ickes"

Volume 20-1 (1992)
"Whitman Pioneer Demography," by Nancy Zens

Volume 20-2 (1992)
"Living and Working in Pullman, 1892," letters of Mollie Clark
"Narrative of a Pioneer, Minnie Perkins Tower," as told to Howard Lawrence, 1955

Volume 20-3 (1992)
"Whitman County Fairs, 1887-1944," by Laura Woodworth-Ney

Volume 21-1 (1993)
"Speed Martin," by Kyle Jansson.
"Wurgler Farm Memories," by Helen Monroe.
"Oliver Hall," by James Lindsey, 1934

Volume 21-2 (1993)
"The Snake River Bridge at Lyons Ferry," by Robert Hadlow
"St. Gall's Parish History," Part I, by Thomas L. Weber

Volume 21-3 (1994)
"St. Gall's Parish History," Part II, by Thomas L. Weber
"Rosalia: Personal Accounts," by Rosalia High School Students, 1945

Volume 21-4 (1994)
"The Early Years of the Pullman-Moscow Airport," by Gary Grau
"Early History of Oakesdale," by J. E. McCoy

Volume 22-1 (1995)
"Lachlan Taylor: Pullman Photographer, 1887-1902," by Robert E. King
"A Historical Sketch Describing the Growth of the Generation and Use of Electricity in Pullman and the Inland Empire," by Homer J. Dana, 1958
"History of Athenaeum," by Lenore Steffan, 1985
"Athenaeum - 100 Years," by Katie Schmick

Volume 22-2 (1995)
"George "Machine Gun" Kelly and the Colfax Bank Robbery," by Jerry Jones
"Sidebar - Bank Robbery, Johnson, 1921"
"Memories of Steptoe," by Val Painter

Volume 22-3 (1995)
"Memorial Hospital, Pullman, Washington"
"Elberton, Whitman County, Washington," by Dora Wells Banning
"Reminiscences (Pine City, Washington)," by Henery Smith

Volume 23-1 (1996)
"Mark True's Palace Hotel," by Robert King
"Paradise Creek, Where Are You?," by Betty Graham Lee
"The History of the Wilcox Community," by Miriam Kammerzell, 1957

Volume 23-2 (1996)
"Daniel Lyons and His Ferry," by Jerry Bryant
"Martin Harter," by Alice Hoffman Ross, with Susan Huber McGregor and JoAnn Ross Cunningham

Volume 23-3 (1996)
"Palouse Reminiscences of Williamson's Dept. Store," by Frances E. Marks
"Orville Vogel," Part I, by Clayton Reis

Volume 24-1 (1997)
"The Elberton Public School," by Sawang Lertrit
"Some Recollections of a Child's Special Year in Republic, Washington," by Catherine Mathews Friel
"History of Steptoe, Feb. 1978," by Lola Crumbacker Humphrey
"Orville Vogel," Part II, by Clayton Reis

Volume 24-2/3 (1998)
"Pullman's Bottling Industry," by Robert E. King

Volume 25-1 (1999)
"Judge William Inman of Colfax," Part I, by Jim Nazzal
"Victim of Corporate Greed: Mysterious Tombstone in Palouse," by Karen Kiessling

Volume 25-2/3 (1999/2000)
"Albert Reaney: An Early Pullman Entrepreneur," by Miriam Stratton, with research by Dorothy Sevier Matson
"The Almota Race," by George Hatley
"Murder in Room Six," by Anna Lee Church
"The WSC Student Strike of 1936," by Robert Luedeking

Volume 26-1 (2000)
"Pioneer Interview: C. S. West," by Nancy Scoles, 1953
"Narratives upon the Pioneer History of the Fallon Community," by Georgiana Coleman (written circa 1942)
"J.P. Duthie, A Pullman Pioneer" from an interview given about 1950
"Judge William Inman," Part II, by Jim Nazzal

Volume 26-2 (2000)
"Farmington - Past and Present," by Anonymous, 1955
"Pioneers of Farmington," by Mary Leonard and Gertrude Ladd
"My Life Story," by J. J. Wagner

Volume 26-3 (2000)
"The Pullman Auditorium: More Than a Place of Amusement," by Miriam Stratton with Dorothy Sevier Matson, researcher
"The Powers Block," by Bob West
"The Opera Houses of Colfax," by Bob Luedeking

Volume 27-1 (2001)
"The St. Elmo: Through the Years," by Yvonne J. Zeitler
"Pullman in the Early 1890's- A City or Not?," by Robert E. King
"Barb Wire Talks: An Early Rural Telephone System," by Miriam Stratton with Dorothy Sevier Matson, Researcher
"Roy Bailey: 48 Years at WSU Farm," by Don Clarke

Volume 27-2 (2001)
"Road to the Rose Bowl: A Comparison of Washington State University's 1916 and 1998 Rose Bowl Teams," by Levon Moroz
Sports on the Palouse: A Photo Essay

Volume 27-3 (2001)
"Penawawa" (Towns of Promise - Towns of Dreams)
"Sunset" (Towns of Promise - Towns of Dreams)
"Diamond" (Towns of Promise - Towns of Dreams)

Volume 28-1 (2002)
"Jefferson Peace Medal Discovered at Lyons Ferry: Summer 1964," by Cheryl Gunselman
"Fort Taylor and the Conquest of the Native Americans in the Inland Northwest," by Jon Gotfredson
Book Reviews

Volume 28-2 (2002)
"A Labor of Love, Patriotism and Community Volunteerism: The Monument at the Steptoe Battlefield," by Brenda K. Jackson
"The Pullman CCC Camp," by Don Clarke

Volume 28-3 (2002)
"Felix Warren's 1926 Commemorative Mail Run," by Aaron Wasser
"The 1918 Spanish "Flu" Pandemic Hits Pullman," by Robert Luedeking
"A Recruit's Recollection: The Spanish Flue at WSC," by Gene Dixon

Volume 29-1 (2004)
"The Hotel on Steptoe Butte," by Marc Howard
"Memoir of a Palouse Pioneer," by Robert Coutts
Turn of the Century Hotels: A Photo Essay

Volume 29-2 (2004)
"Pullman's Great Civil War Celebration of 1912," by Robert E. King
Snow Scenes of Whitman County: A Photo Essay

Volume 29-3(2004)
"Wheat, World War I, and The Business of Farming," by Andrew Duffin
"Pullman's Old Post Office," by Linda Yeomans
"Memories of Wartime Pullman," Part I, by Lenna Harding

Volume 30-1 (2004)
"Memories of Wartime Pullman," Part II by Lenna Harding
"History and Hysteria: The Whitman County Indian Scare of 1877," by Kathryn Dooley
Book Reviews

Volume 30-2 (2004)
"Historic Round Barn Razed - 1953," by Horace E. Chandler
"Sunshine School," by Miriam L. Stratton
"Memories of Wartime Pullman," Part 3, by Lenna Harding
"A Broadcasting Star is Born," by Christina M. Steffler

Volume 30-3 (2004)
"Souvenir China of Pullman: Collectibles of a Bygone Era," by Robert E. King
"Timothy L. Emerson: Carnegie Hero Medal Awardee," by Miriam L. Stratton
"Riviera and Dr. Enoch A. Bryan Reservoir," by Don Clarke

Volume 31-1 (2005)
"Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Palouse," by Annie Pillers
"Rock Lake City: Whitman County’s Lost Town," by Theresa Mazzeo
"Pullman's Webb Block"

Volume 31-2 (2005)
"The Greystone Church," by Miriam Stratton
"People I Have Known in Pioneer Days," by James C. Crane
"The Jacobs Brewery of Uniontown," by Herman Wiley Ronnenberg
"Pullman's War Memorial," by Judy Standar McMurray

Volume 31-3 (2005)
"’Secret Societies’ of Early Whitman County," by Robert E. King
"The Cold War on the Washington State University Campus 1945-1962," by Jessie Britton
"A Legacy of Education: Oakesdale Schools," by LaVelle Billingsley Gardner

Volume 32-1 (2006)
"The Brewery of Palouse, Washington," by Herman Wiley Ronnenberg
"Mammoth Discoveries in the Pioneer Palouse," by Glenn Leitz
"The Lewiston Hill Story," by Ron Karlberg

Volume 32-2 (2006)
"George Imler Shorthorn Ranch," by Don Clarke
Raising Stock in Whitman County: A Photo Essay

Volume 32-3 (2006)
"Hay, Washington" (Towns of Promise - Towns of Dreams) by Carla Nordheim
The Medea of Uniontown: "Killed Her Children" from Colfax Commoner, March 1, 1901
The Medea of Uniontown: "Nightmare on Frank Street," by Loretta Louis Wolf

Volume 33-1 (2007)
"The World of Daisy Evans Brown," by Carol Evans Wilson
"The Reverend Cushing Eells: A Mountain of Faith and Knowledge," by Miriam L. Stratton

Volume 33-2 (2007)
"Almota: The Gateway to the Palouse," by Brooke Bemis
"When John F. Kennedy Came to Pullman," by Robert E. King

Volume 33-3 (2007)
"Memories of Downtown Pullman in the 1930s," by Lenna Harding
"Brewed in Colfax," by Herman Wiley Ronnenberg

Volume 34-1 (2008)
"Drive-In Movie Theaters of the Palouse," by Robert E. King
"Whelan and the Nearby Opal Mines," by Don Clarke

Volume 34-2/3 (2008)
"Battle of To-hots-nim-me: The U.S. Army vs. the Couer d'Alene Indians," by Mahlon E. Kriebel

Volume 35-1 (2009)
"Palouse's Pottery Industry," by Robert E. King and Don Myott
"By the Gods You're Fired: A Story of Oscar Gladish," by Donald E. Guinouard

Volume 35-2 (2009)
"Pullman and the World's Biggest American Flag in 1909," by Robert E. King
"A Pioneer History," written by Helen Bates James Gerding about 1954

Volume 35-3 (2009)
"Shock Treatment: The Electrovator vs. Weeds on the Palouse," by Kathryn E. Meyer
"Letter from an English TA, 1942," by Mildred McIlrath

Volume 36-1 (2010)
"Pullman's Washington Hotel: A Community Effort," by Robert E. King
"When Fences Criss-crossed the Palouse," by Glenn Leitz

Volume 36-2 (2010)
"The Great Whitman County Flood of 1910," by Robert E. King

Volume 36-3 (2010)
"Johnson School (District 47),” by Jean Carol Davis
"Seats School (District 54),” by Jean Carol Davis
"Young Ladies Club,” from Pullman Herald and Quarrels’ scrapbook
"Dynamite Jack Lenocker,” by Martha Mullen
"Steptoe Canyon Road,” by June Crithfield
"Pioneer Days in Whitman County,” by John Eakin Cochran
"WSU’s First Student Riot,” by Robert Luedeking

Volume 37-1 (2011)
Kennell Photography Studio, Colfax: A Photo Essay
"Remembering 'Scrappy' Richardson: A Pullman Legend," by Robert E. King
"Robert Cox and Palouse Photographers,” by Robert King and Don Myott

Volume 37-2 (2011)
"Pullman's Military College," by Mark O'English
"Lincoln, Washington - A Town That Was,” by Dean W. Huber
Trains on the Palouse: A Photo Essay

Volume 37-3 (2011)
"The Hoopers of Johnson," by Amy Woodward Fisher
"Whitman County's Early 20th Century Hoped-For Oil Boom," by Robert E. King

Volume 38-1 (2012)
"The Four Galland Brothers," by Herman Wiley Ronnenberg
"The Jones Schoolhouse," by Dave Appel

Volume 38-2 (2012)
"Going to the Movies: The Story of Pullman's Silent Picture Movie Theaters," by Robert E. King
"The Youngest Lineman: Memories of the Ewartsville Telephone Company," by Gerald Henson
"The Malden Post Office," by Edwin Garretson

Volume 38-3 (2012)
"Going to the Movies: The Talkies Come to Pullman," by Robert E. King
"Life in 1881: Our First Year on the Palouse," by Samuel Leonard Brown
"Reminiscences of Harvey James Taufen," by Harvey James Taufen

Volume 39-1 (2013)
"Saints Home Church and Campground," by Paul Guenther
"Colfax's Martha Washington Rock," by Robert E. King

Volume 39-2 (2013)
"William Huntley: The Endicott Millionaire," by Robert E. King
"George Ruedy: Pioneer Nurseryman," by David Benscoter
"Annual Grange Picnic 1908"

Volume 39-3 (2013)
"Pioneer Way of Life Told by One Who Lived It," by Phoebe Bloom Taylor, from Pullman Herald.
"Mr. & Mrs. B.F. Taylor"
"Phoebe Bloom Taylor"

Volume 40-1 (2014)
"The Snake River Six: The Oldest Jazz Dance Band in the West," by Pat Caraher
"Extinct Apple Rediscovered in Whitman County," by David Benscoter
"Overnighting in Pullman After World War I: Pullman's Auto Park," by Robert E. King

Volume 40-2 (2014)
"Murder and Snake River Justice: The 1884 Whitman County, Washington Territory, Murder of W.T. Higgins," by Gerald Henson
"Overnighting in Pullman After World War I: The Story of Pullman's Motels," by Robert E. King

Volume 40-3 (2014)
"The Ainsworth Problem and the Subdivision of Whitman County in 1883," by Robert E. King
"Trails of the 1860s Through the Palouse," by Linda Hackbarth
"The Story of the Taufen Schoolhouse Restoration," by Savannah Chadwick

Volume 41-1 (2015)
"The Life and Times of N.S. Golding: The Father of WSU's Cougar Gold Cheese," by Tim Marsh
"The Unsuccessful Attempts to Subdivide Whitman County," by Robert E. King
St. John's Academy 1915-2015: A Photo Essay

Volume 41-2 (2015)
"Poisoning Tragedy Strikes Button and Hilliard Families," by Mary Bybee Simsonsen
"A Palouse Country Diva," by Stephen Wieber
"The Matlock Family Arrives in Washington Territory 1875," by Barbara Jane Matlock McRae
"My Memoirs," by Mrs. H.W. Baird

Volume 41-3 (2015)
"Remembering Pullman's Drive-In Restaurants 1948-2015," by Robert E. King
Sacked Wheat from the Palouse: A Photo Essay, by Steven Watson

Volume 42-1 (2016)
"Survey of Rural School Conditions 1915-1916," by Daisy Busbey
Going to School: A Photo Essay
"Memories of Beauridell School," by Helen Hood Meyer
"The Fate of the Schoolhouse"

Volume 42-2 (2016)
Three Stories from Colfax in the 1880s:
   "Plainville: The Alternative to Colfax?," by S.C. Roberts
   "Dr. Wing Lee, the First Chinese Physician in Colfax," by Mary Bybee Simsonsen
   "Tragedy in Colfax: The Hollingsworth Boys," by Frank White
"TV Comes to Whitman County," by Robert E. King
"My Hospital Stay, 1948," by Lenna Harding

Volume 42-3 (2016)
"The Little Library that Could: The Origins and Development of Neill Public Library in Pullman," by John R. Anderson
"Merzook Zellze, the First Black Homesteader in Whitman County," by Mary Bybee Simsonsen
"A Little Country School," by Norma J. Dippel
Train Depots of Whitman County: A Photo Essay

Volume 43-1 (2017)
Three Articles from The Coast, 1907:
   "Agricultural Products of Whitman County," by C.S. Clarke
   "Whitman County Flouring Mills," by J.M. Risley
   "Garfield, Whitman County, Washington"
"Buffalo Bill in Whitman County," by Robert E. King
"Yakima Canutt: Entertainer and Showman from Whitman County"

Volume 43-2 (2017)
"Phoenix Rising: Washington's First Automobile Weathers Countless Storms," by William L. Spence
"Farr Cemetery," by Megan Ockerman
"The GI Bill at WSC: An Understanding through Oral Histories," by Claire Thornton

Volume 43-3 (2017)
"Whitman County and World War I," by Robert E. King
"Pullman's Ingleside Club," by Jennifer Heim

Volume 44-1 (2018)
"Little Boy Lost: The Disappearance of Gale Thomsen," by Donna L. Potts
"Hezekiah S. Hollingsworth: Colfax's Forgotten Co-Founder," by Frank White
"Clinton Thimble and Needle Club," by Ruth Boyd Brown
"When Possessing Cigarettes was Illegal in Whitman County," by Robert E. King
"Lenna's Laundry Day," by Lenna Deutsch Harding

Volume 44-2 (2018)
"Whitman County Celebrates the End of World War I," by Robert E. King
"The Founding of the Fortnightly Club of Pullman," by Karen Kiessling

Volume 44-3 (2018)
"The Moorage"
"When President Taft Came to Pullman (Twice)," by Robert E. King
"The Harvest of 1893"

This index was originally compiled in 2008 by University Archivist Mark O'English at WSU's Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, and has been maintained there since. A pre-existing limited subject index to Volumes 1-10 of the Bunchgrass Historian was drawn upon in building this list.