eHRAF Archaeology [Full Text]

Full text collection of archeological texts indexed by culture and subject.

eHRAF World Cultures [Full Text]

Full text collection of ethnographic and other texts on human culture, society and behavior indexed by culture and subject.

Electronic Collections ECO (OCLC) [Full Text]

An archive of 500 full-text journals from a variety of publishers. Coverage varies depending on journal

Emerald Journals (Emerald) [Full Text]

Access full-text journals from 1994 in subjects covering a spectrum of management disciplines including: strategy; leadership; library and information management; marketing and human resource management; plus a substantial number of engineering, applied science and technology titles.

Dates of Coverage: 

Encyclopaedia Britannica (EB) [Full Text]

Authoritative articles including hundreds of articles not yet available in the print Britannica. Also access to Britannica Book of the Year ##Britannica Classics-- articles by famous contributors from past editions and links to related Internet resources.

Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food and Biological Engineering [Full Text]

This is a comprehensive guide on raw production technology. It examines the role of engineering in delivery of quality consumer products.

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Encyclopedia of American Religions, 7th ed. [Full Text]

Contains general essays that historically trace the major religious families and traditions, as well as directory listings that include contact and descriptive information on individual churches, religious bodies, and spiritual groups.

Encyclopedia of Animal Science [Full Text]

300 entries cover a broad spectrum of topics related to the biology, production, and uses of animals and their products.

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Encyclopedia of Communities of Practice in Information and Knowledge Management [Full Text]

This single volume encyclopedia provides a comprehensive, critical and descriptive examination of all facets of CoPs in information and knowledge management in societies and organizations.

Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining [Full Text]

Provides a comprehensive, critical and descriptive examination of concepts, issues, trends, and challenges in this rapidly expanding field of data warehousing and mining (DWM). This encyclopedia offers in-depth coverage of evolutions, theories, methodologies, functionalities, and applications of DWM in such interdisciplinary industries as healthcare informatics, artificial intelligence, financial modeling, and applied statistics.