Canadian Oxford Dictionary [Full Text]

The dictionary combines coverage of international English with information on English as it is particularly used in Canada. Definitions are presented so that the meaning most familiar to Canadians appears first and foremost.

Compendium of Veterinary Products [Full Text]

The Compendium of Veterinary Products includes information for more thatn 5,000 veterinary products, including pharmaceuticals, biological and diagnostic products, pesticides and distinfectants for veterinary use, as well as feed additives. Includes an alphabetical index of over 200 manufacturers/distributors and their contact information, and a Trade Name Ingredient Index and Product Category Index.

Comprehensive Composite Materials [Full Text]

This encyclopedia covers properties and manufacturing processes of composites with polymeric matrices and Metal matrix composites (MMCs) and composites having carbon, cement, or ceramic matrices.

Concise Companion to the Jewish Religion [Full Text]

This highly readable guide to Judaism contains a wealth of information on every aspect of Jewish belief and practice, both ancient and modern with all Hebrew terms clearly explained.

Concise dictionary of world place-names [Full Text]

This dictionary gives the history, meanings, and origin of an enormous range of country, region, island, city, and town names from around the world.

Concise Medical Dictionary [Full Text]

This best-selling dictionary is indispensable both as a home medical guide and as an aid for all those working in the medical and allied professions. The entries are clearly laid out and jargon-free, making the book both accessible and informative.

Concise Oxford Companion to African American Literature [Full Text]

This abridged and updated edition presents more than 400 biographies of authors, critics, literary characters, and historical figures, and 150 plot summaries of major works.

Concise Oxford Companion to American Literature [Full Text]

This concise version contains brief biographies of important authors, plot summaries of individual works, descriptions of important literary movements, and a wealth of information on other aspects of American literary life and history from the Colonial period to the modern era.

Concise Oxford Companion to Classical Literature [Full Text]

This is the ideal reference book for anyone interested in the classical world and its literary heritage. It gives accounts of the lives of many classical authors and character entries and plot summaries for their works.

Concise Oxford Companion to English Language [Full Text]

This is the most compact, authoritative, and up-to-date source of information about the English language. With contributions from more than 130 experts worldwide, the language is viewed from an international perspective, covering Cockney to Creole, Aboriginal English to South Asian English.