O'English, Lorena (Pullman)

Lorena O'English is the library contact person for rural sociology, political science, criminal justice, sociology, sport and exercise studies.

Oxford companion to Australian politics [Full Text]

The Oxford Companion to Australian Politics is the first scholarly and comprehensive account of Australian political life and thought that gives attention to all aspects of national politics and to Australian politics in regional, international and global contexts.

Oxford Companion to the Politics of the World [Full Text]

This major new edition of The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World reflects the changing world with a reassessment of many of the core themes of the previous edition, and new articles on the people, concepts, and events that have shaped the world since 1993.

Oxford Guide to the United States Government [Full Text]

This is the ultimate resource for authoritative information on the American Presidency, Congress, and Supreme Court. It contains the key figures, events, and structures that have animated U.S. government for more than 200 years.