Kanopy Streaming Video

Kanopy has more than 26,000 films covering a broad range of subject areas, including documentaries, training films and feature films.

Kantar Media SRDS

SRDS contains media information, including advertising rates, deadline dates and contact data for the print and broadcast media. Services available via this product include: Business Media Advertising Source, Consumer Media Advertising Source, Newspaper Advertising Source, Radio Advertising Source, TV and Cable Source, Direct Marketing List Source, Local Market Audience Analyst, Out-of-Home Advertising Source, Interactive Advertising Source, Print Media Production Source, International Media Guide: Business - The Americas, International Media Guide: Business - Asia-Pacific/Middle East/Africa, International Media Guide: Business - Europe, International Media Guide: Consumer Worldwide, International Media Guide: Newspapers Worldwide.

Kings and Queens of Britain [Full Text]

This dictionary presents English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish monarchs, from mythical and Romano-British rulers to the House of Windsor, in all their glory - and sometimes their disgrace. Extended entries give information on themes such as Coronations and Regalia, and on significant royal residences or traditions like Sandringham House and touching for the King's Evil.

Knovel [Full Text]

Knovel provides access to online handbooks containing data for scientists and engineers